Creative Sessions

Creative work is a the core of The Men’s Room provision.

Every project is different and art forms we have engaged with include, drama, music, photography, creative writing, film making and visual Arts.

An inclusive participatory arts group providing the opportunity to experience and try out a range of creative activities and art forms – e.g. drama, photography, music as well as free visits to the theatre and art exhibitions. The options for what we do are limitless and we are always looking for new ideas.  

Sessions start with a home cooked meal ranging from delicious stews, curries and fajitas all the way to the humble (but much loved) cheese toastie! So the group is a chance to eat good food, make some new friends and have a laugh.

We always have some of the lovely health / social care team  with us, so if you want to book an appointment to discuss any issues, you can also do this.

When it is:

  • Every Wednesday 6-8pm at The Men’s Room – Raven House, 113 Fairfield Street, M12 6EL